Thursday, January 03, 2002

My eldest daughter published her first artwork to the web. She's going to be setting up a weblog with her class. How times change...
Did Jesus have a nest? How much of our life is instinctive? How much of what we do as humans is really animal behavior, and is wrapped up in a civilized package? In the heart of winter we pad our nests, gather up our hoarded food and various baubles, and huddle together for warmth. Christmas.
Sasha knows that I'm basically an inventor, and she's always coming up with "inventions" of her own. Automatic chairs that will set themselves based on the height and weight of the person using them, so you'll always be at the right height to eat your dinner. She trying to decide what to call her company, and it's down to two choices: "Superstar with cool inventions", and "Black Star, Red Star".
Wow, did that just happen? What a holiday. I just cooked turkey dinner for 15. I still feel sleepy. I didn't go nuts on the presents like I did last year, which is good. Not so for the rest of the family, though. I guess that's what happens when you've got 3 young daughters: everybody showers them with presents. I just hope they grow up appreciative of their good fortune. Speaking of the kids, I keep forgetting to put pictures up. Damn, sorry. I'll get to that soon.