Monday, October 02, 2006

This is going to be fun...

The beginning of something wonderful, by Oi Jimmy!
So this is my first blog post as the Chief Products and Innovation Officer of Uniserve Communications Corp. I suppose I've been putting it off for too long, as I search for just the right topic to start off with. I hope you can forgive me :-). As an aside, before I launch into it, just a quick note as to why I accepted this position, which on the face of it probably seems like an odd choice, given my background and personality. Three reasons:
  1. Will Spratt, the CEO. This is a man who knows how to do deals, structure businesses, and make money. Even more importantly, he is a person of the highest integrity.
  2. $25M in revenue, growing quarter over quarter for years now, and generating profit, with over 110,000 customers coast to coast.
  3. The competition is fat and slow, and complacent. When was the last time your telco/ISP did something innovative for you? Press 1 for never, press 2 for a long time ago, and press pound to get put on hold with torturous easy listening versions of songs you didn't like even in the original version.
So there you have it. A great opportunity to build something very interesting on a great platform. Onward!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uniserve itself is an extremely fat and slow company, and I speak as a techie who had to hank a client from the Uniserve system.

Poor service all round, including tech support (their email was so slow they recommended that we open a gmail account to communicate our problems). Lame. Don't believe all you read above.

24/11/06 12:12  
Blogger Fergusson said...

Hi Anonymous - thanks for your comment. It's a little bit hard to respond to an anonymous flame, and you don't say what the nature of the poor service you received was, but I'll try and do your comment justice.

A lot of ISPs are having trouble right now with spam and denial-of-service attacks, and Uniserve is no exception. It's totally legitimate to criticize our approach to solving the problems (again, specifics are easier to respond to than generalities). We're certainly not too proud to say that we can always do better. If you have technical recommendations based on your professional experience, don't wait! Send them along.

If you believe that you were treated badly, or that your client was, I want to know more about that, and to do what I can to make it right. A big part of my job is making sure the voice of the customer is front and centre in our discussion. I'd love to help get your client "un-hanked". Please contact me directly, and I'll do what I can to help.

Thanks for posting!

27/11/06 15:11  

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