Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Five things about me

I like this meme. Five things about me:
  1. I'm a Jamaican citizen
  2. I once won a kickboxing match by knockout
  3. In 1978, I won three medals in the Jamaica national cultural festival (poetry, acting, and recital)
  4. I met my father for the first time when I was 27
  5. My great-grandmother was known for making a fantastic curry. One day, she brought home a young journalist named Winston (who later became very famous for other reasons) who had heard of her famous curry, and wanted to sample it.
In the interest of passing this meme along, I tag three very interesting people: Dethe Elza, Paul Prescod, and Colleen Nystedt.

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Anonymous Michael Seaton said...


4/1/07 06:59  
Blogger Fergusson said...

Yes, Winston Churchill was a young journalist in South Africa, according to the family story. He met my Great-grandmother, who was a piano teacher at the time, and came over for dinner to try her curry. The story doesn't tell whether he liked it or not ;-).

4/1/07 10:13  

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