Wednesday, June 13, 2007

On a personal note

Jill AlexanderFor the most part, I've been focusing this blog on my professional interests, but today I make an exception. I've lost a young cousin, an Aunt, and an Uncle to cancer, and an older cousinMy cousin Ruth is fighting hard today. This is not a sad story though, but a story of empowerment and inspiration: My mother, Jill Alexander (turning 70 on her next birthday), is training hard to run a marathon in October to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma research (the cancer that took little Tommy and Aunt Arlene from us). She has a website where she's keeping a training log, and accepting donations. I hope you will visit, and consider making a donation. My Mom and I on the beach near where I grew upI should say a little about my Mom: My Mother is the great inspiration of my life. With all the challenges that come with being a single mother of two small boys, she grew a business from nothing into a beautiful day spa and health centre. She worked hard so we never felt that we lacked for anything that truly mattered. I remember her greeting customers and employees alike with a hug and loving kindness. Losing her brother and sister-in-law, whom she dearly loved, and burying baby Tommy would be a terrible burden for anybody, but she has turned the pain of her loss into a positive will to do good. Those who know my mother well will tell you that this is how she lives her life: with love, and to the fullest she knows how.

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Blogger manny hernandez said...

I will visit your mom's site, Michael. I lost my father to liver cancer in Jan. 2005, so I can relate to this very closely.

I am linking to this post and your mom's fundraiser page from my blog. Best of luck with the race! She's admirable.

14/6/07 04:27  
Anonymous Megan Cole said...

Hey Michael, long time no see... in trying to locate you just now, I am so happy that I stumbled upon this post. Your words about your mum are truly lovely and inspirational.
70 and running a marathon? wow. what a woman!

18/6/07 10:55  
Blogger Fergusson said...

Thanks Megan and Manny, for your warm words of support. It means a lot to me, and to my family.

18/6/07 14:49  

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