Monday, July 30, 2007

How do you say Peer-to-peer in Mandarin?

One more update on P2P lending: here is a Chinese P2P lending project called PPDAI. It turns out that most lending in China (not much of a surprise) is P2P (the old-school, IRL type), usually between relatives. Most Chinese don't have access to bank financing, apparently. This could be amazing to watch: 1.3 Billion peers... wow.

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Anonymous Michael Cayley said...

dunno if someone already commented, but a fella named Tim Draper (VC who did Hotmail, Skype, etc) likes the Social Lending idea. Check out

See you in Whistler.


7/8/07 12:03  
Blogger Fergusson said...

Thanks for the tip. I'm looking forward to the Whistler event. This P2P lending trend is right on topic for my talk. I think smart companies are acknowledging the growing undercurrent of "disestablishmentarianism" (to co-opt a word) throughout our culture, and are finding ways to facilitate, rather than control, the conversation between people.

12/8/07 00:13  

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