Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Michael on TV

Pretty lame to post this a couple of weeks late, but I've been busy, then I was on vacation, then I was busy again, then I forgot... you know the drill. Anyways, I was interviewed on CBC television for a story on internet privacy. Here's a link (thanks, Frank): lab logoSticking with TV Fame, Episode 140 of The Lab With Leo Laporte on G4 Tech TV in Canada includes me doing a segment with Leo, talking about designing and building applications in the era of social networking. That interview will be made available on The Lab website after it airs on television.

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Blogger B. Stream said...

congrats on the features.
wish I still had cable, I miss watching ol' Leo in his loud shirts and spouting weird pop culture references and seeming slightly awkward...

Wanted to let you know about a newsreader out there that exists that bases it's content on what the user actually WANTS to see. It's called 'Sprout'. Very intuitive, quickly learns what you like to read and what doesn't interest you. There's a free trial on now. You can find it here:

21/2/08 16:40  

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